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UdpServer's EndReceive causes exception


This method causes an ObjectDisposedException to be thrown and then it catches it. That seems OK, but it's a scary-sounding exception that is displayed when the debugger is attached (and break-when-thrown is enabled for exceptions).
Since this method can be called after mAcceptingConnections is false, simply moving the call to udpClient.EndReceive to be in the if-block will stop the ObjectDisposeException from being thrown. I didn't remove the try-catch completely, just as a precaution, but in my use-case, this change seems to work.
Please see my proposed change below.
Thank you for the useful and well-written library.
private void EndReceive(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
    if (mAcceptingConnections)
        UdpState udpState = (UdpState)asyncResult.AsyncState;
        UdpClient udpClient = udpState.Client;
        IPEndPoint ipEndPoint = udpState.IPEndPoint;
        byte[] data = udpClient.EndReceive(asyncResult, ref ipEndPoint);
        if (data != null && data.Length > 0)
            OnDataReceived(new UdpDataReceivedEventArgs(ipEndPoint, data));
        udpClient.BeginReceive(mAsynCallback, udpState);
catch (ObjectDisposedException)
    // Suppress error